David Lag Tomasi
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    Кандидат медицинских наук
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    Медицинские науки
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Acad. Prof. Dr. David Låg Tomasi, PhD, EdD-PhD, MA, MCS, AAT

University of Vermont

Integrative Health

College of Nursing and Health Science

Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science

University of Vermont

Continuing and Distance Education

UVM Healthcare Programs

University of Vermont

Human Development and Family Studies Program

Department of Leadership & Developmental Sciences

University of Vermont Medical Center

Licensed Psychologist-Psychotherapist

Inpatient Psychiatry Group Therapist


•2nd Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Research in Medicine / Psychotherapy, Department of Philosophy, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski

•Specialization in Integrative Medicine and Health, University of Minnesota / Coursera

•1st Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Research in Critical Neuroscience, Department of Philosophy, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski

•EdD-PhD in Psychology, Double Doctorate, University Azteca / UCN European Programs Innsbruck, Austria. Clinical Research at the University of Vermont Medical Center

•Advisers: Prof. Dr. Friedrich Luhan, Prof. Dr. George Gonzalez, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold

•External Examiner: Prof. Dr. Helmut Koger

•MSc courses in Psychology Class LM-51 in Cognitive Processes and Technologies, specialization in clinical technologies, Post-secondary European Union academic degree level, International Telematic University Uninettuno

•PhD in Medical Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski. Clinical Research at the University of Vermont Medical Center

•Clinical supervisor: Prof. Dr. William Tobey Horn – Medical Director, University of Vermont Medical Center, Department of Inpatient Psychiatry / Ass. Prof. University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine.

•Advisers: Prof. Dr. Alexander Lyubenov Gungov - Director of the Doctoral Program at the University of Sofia; Prof. Dr. Friedrich Luft - Director Clinical and Experimental Research Center (ECRC), Charité Humboldt University, Faculty of Medicine, Berlin and Director Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Max Delbrück, Berlin.

•Scientific council: Chair - Prof. Valeri Kostov Dinev; Assoc.prof Julia Alexandrova Vaseva-Dikova, ISSK, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Assoc.prof.Asen Ivanov Dimitrov, ISSK, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

•Diploma in Psychology (Dipl Psych), Alison Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online, Galway, Ireland

•Certificate in Medical Neuroscience, Duke University / Coursera

•Master in Counseling in Neuroscience (MCSc), University of Turin UniPsi, Italy

•Certificates in Neuroscience/Psychiatry/Public Health, Harvard University / EdX

•Certificate in Social Sciences, ENEA Institute Rome, Italy

•Certificate in Art Assisted Therapies (AAT), NOUS Institute, Italy

•Courses in Neuropsychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological Assessment, and Psychodiagnostics (online), HT Center for Psychology, Cesena, Italy

•Certificates in Psychology (ECMed) + Supervision, University of Verona School of Medicine

•Master of Arts (MA), Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, Summa Cum Laude, Verona, Italy


•University of Vermont Integrative Health (UVM College of Nursing and Health Science / UVM Larner College of Medicine / UVM Medical Center) 2014-current, teaching: “Science and Evidence in Complementary and Alternative Therapies", “The Science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, “Translational Science in Integrative Medicine” (Upcoming), “Health and Wellness Coaching Lab (TA)”, “Motivational Interviewing for the Integrative Health Coach”

•University of Vermont Department of Leadership & Developmental Sciences, 2017-current: Lecturer in the Human Development and Family Studies Program, teaching “Human Development”, “Theories of Human Development” and “Refugee Crisis & Family Impacts”

•University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski", 2017: Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

•CCV- Community College of Vermont, 2012-current: teaching courses in the Departments of Modern Languages, Arts, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences (Medicine/Healthcare, Psychology, Human Growth and Development)

•St. Michael´s College, 2012: Adjunct Faculty Substitute, Modern Languages / Italian

•Vermont Italian Club, 2011-2017

•CVU School Hinesburg, 2011-2017: German and Italian Language and Literature courses, Access Program

•University of Vermont, Dept. of Continuing and Distance Education, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 2014: Italian for Travellers Instructor

•Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, 2006-2009, Adjunct Professor, Visual Arts, Photography

•University of the Dolomitic Alps, 2007-2009, Lecturer, History and Ethnolinguistics

Teaching and Research Areas:

Integrative Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Ethnolinguistics

Professional and Clinical Experience:

•University of Vermont Program in Integrative Health, 2014-current: Research Committee and Education Committee Member

•University of Vermont Medical Center, 2012-current: Psychologist-Psychotherapist / Group Therapist, Inpatient Psychiatry, Medical Center Campus

•Howard Center, 2011-2017: Mental Health and Substance Abuse, MHSA Residential Counselor and Member of the Diversity Committee

•University of Verona School of Medicine, 2008-2010, Expressive Arts Group Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, CSM – National Observatory of Outsider Art, Borgo Roma Hospital

Other Teaching experience – Lectures and Presentations:

•University of Innsbruck (Austria, 2007)

•Albrecht Dürer Museum, Nürnberg (Germany, 2007)

•University of Trento - TSM (Italy, 2007)

•Teachers´ Federation of South Tyrol (Italy, 2009)

•Archaeological Museum of Ostiglia (Italy, 2009)

•Cultural Heritage Commission, Innsbruck (Austria, 2007)

•Waldorf School of Verona (Italy, 2005-2007)

LANGUAGES (written/spoken):

English, Italian, German, Latin, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Professional Affiliations and Academic Ranks:

•International Academy of Sciences, San Marino (AIS) – ISD Member (Medicine, Psychotherapy, and Neuroscience)

•Academy of Sciences of Rome (Accademia Tiberina), Italy – Full Ordinary Member

•Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences (VAAS), USA – Secretary

•Academy of Sciences of Siena (Accademia dei Fisiocritici), Italy – Corresponding Member

•International Academy of Sciences, USA (IAS) – Senior Member

•American Psychological Association (APA) – Associate Member (2011-2015); Community College Teacher Affiliate

•Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, USA, Member

•Italian Psychological Association (AIPASS) – Associate Member

•Pope Clement XI Foundation – Scientific Committee Member

•Italian Society of Psycho-Oncology (SIPO) – Associate Member

•State of Vermont (USA) Board of Psychological Examiners – Licensed Psychologist-Doctorate # 048.0134190

•State of Vermont (USA) Board of Allied Mental Health Practitioners – Rostered Psychotherapist # 097.0124826

•Center for Mental Health (CSM), Dept. of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, University of Verona School of Medicine (Italy, 2008 - 2010)

•Interfaith Committee, Bozen-Brixen Diocese, South Tyrol (2004-2010)

•National Observatory for Outsider Art (Italy, 2007-2010)

•International Biennial Fair for Contemporary art KunStart (2009-2011)

•Via Claudia Augusta Foundation / Giontech Archaeological Site, affiliated with Foundation Via Francigena, Postumia Optima Via and Museo Retico di San Zeno (Germany/Austria/Italy, 2007 - current)

•Manifesta 7 - European Biennial of Contemporary Art (Italy / The Netherlands, 2007)

•Member of the Cultural and Artistic Heritage Commission, Diocese of Verona (Italy, 2005-2010)

Other Honors and Awards:

•South Tyrolean Honour Cross; Volunteer Firefighter 15-year Service; Landesverband der Freiwilligen Feuerwehren Südtirols - Landesfeuerwehrschule – South Tyrol

•Extraordinary Member Union Corps Saint Lazarus International - Germany/Austria

•Honorary Citizen, City of Sabbioneta, Italy

•Member of the Interfaith Committee, Bozen-Brixen Diocese, South Tyrol

•USA Delegate for the State of Vermont - Pope Clement XI Foundation

•Best Clinician “Bee Award” - University of Vermont Medical Center, 2020 - USA

•Best Clinician “Bee Award” - University of Vermont Medical Center, 2019 - USA

Medical Education / Training and Awards (Abstract):

Certificates and Courses:

•HP-Intensivkurs (Naturopathic Medicine Course), Dr. Kurt Steffens HP, Gabriele Ziegener, 2019

•Certificate in Naturopathy and Macrobiotics, LifeLearning Milan 2018

•Restorative Medicine CME Certificates AARM 2018

•Benson-Henry Institute Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART), Massachussetts General Hospital / Harvard University, 2017

•Heilpraktikerausbildung 24, (Naturopathic Medicine Program) Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

•Certificate NCIPH FIH Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, USA

•Course certificate in Behavioral Medicine: a key to better health, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

•HPI – Heilpraktiker Instensivschule Trainer Demo (Naturopathic Medicine), Heilpraktikerschule München, Germany

•Medication Administration Training, Howard Center, 2011-2017

•Mental Health & Substance Abuse Residential Counselor Training / Courses, Howard Center, 2011-2017

Seminars and Clinical Training:

•Naturopathy Training and Course, ITAVS Institute, Guatemala, C.A., 2020

•CTTRT Online certificate, University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2015

•Vanderbilt University School of Medicine / Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, CME certificates in Integrative Medicine, 2014-2015

•Advance Care Planning, Vermont Ethics Network, 2014

•ProACT certification course, University of Vermont Medical Center, 2014-current

•MOAB certification course, University of Vermont Medical Center, 2012-current

•FAHC Learning & Development Courses (Crucial Conversations I & II, Crucial Confrontations), 2012

•Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness PESI Seminar, 2013

•Traditional European Medicine training, Dietfried Schonemann, MD, Klagenfurt, Austria 2006-2011


•1992-1999 Vivaldi Music Institute, Bozen/Bolzano/Bulsan, South Tyrol, 7-year diploma program

•1995-1999 Scientific Lyceum ´E. Torricelli´, Bozen and ´L. Da Vinci´, Trento

•2003-2005 Collaboration with Teatro Nuovo/Teatro Stabile of Verona

•2004-2005 Member of the Verona Theatre Ballet Company, coreographer: Sisina Augusta

•2004-current Historical Project Director: Albrecht Dürer Weg, Germany/Italy

•2007-current Director of CRAM - Centre for Art Research Mezzocorona/Deutschmetz


•Martial Arts:

•Taekwondo / Kickboxing: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black belt program at Zadra Fighting, South Tyrol

•Ju-Jitsu: 2-year program Ju-Jitsu GoJU Laag, South Tyrol

Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals Reviewer / Contributor:

•American Journal of Internal Medicine (AJIM) Editorial Member

•Sofia Philosophical Review´s (SPhR) International Editorial Board Member

•Filo JFTA Journal, New York

•Global Advances in Health and Medicine (GAHM) / SAGE journals

•International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Health & Well-being / Taylor & Francis

Publications available at:

•Research Gate




•Google Scholar

•Linked In


•Web of Science

As an artist, Tomasi worked in Europe and abroad in theatres, museums and private/public institutions like: Teatro Cristallo Bolzano, Galleria Civica d´arte Contemporanea di Trento, MART Rovereto, Festival OrienteOccidente Rovereto, Bevilacqua La Masa Venice, Centro Internazionale della Grafica Venice, Teatro Città di Conegliano, Centro Internazionale Studi d´Architettura Palladio Vicenza, Teatro Antonianum Padua, Galleria San Fedele Milan, Festival Ritracciarti Mantua, Artissima Turin, PAN Naples, Manifesta 7 the Netherlands/Italy, VAC Ventabren France, Fleming Museum at UVM, Burlington, VT, USA. He won grants and prizes like: Cariverona Foundation University Grant (2004), Best Young Artist Prize - Toniolo Foundation (2003), Academy of Fine Arts Grant (2005), Biennial of Mantova - MAM (2004), One_Hop Extrart - RAI Jury Prize (2007), Best Artist Prize - Councillorship for Culture and Arts, Govt. of the Region Veneto (2003). He currently lives and works in the USA.

Научные публикации

Peer-reviewed Papers, Articles, Presentations, and Books (Extract):

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